Monday, August 18, 2008

Finger and the Moon

So John....Tell us, what is your blog about?
Good question.  I wish I could say, I know that sounds strange so let me explain what I mean.  I believe laying below the surface of everything in nature is a universal truth, a beauty that can't be named with words.  My creative musings are arrows pointing to the truth hidden below.   "A finger pointing at the moon isn't the moon"  Don't look at the finger, look at what it's pointing to.  In general this blog is about trying to communicate the meaning of the title 'Beauty and Truth' by documenting my struggle to release my creative inner self.  My true self.  

Sounds interesting, but then again I am you so I would say that. 
I see you've done some paintings, would you consider yourself a painter?
Yes and no....I paint but I'm not a painter.  I write but I'm not a writer.  I write poetry but I'm not a poet.  I muse on lofty ideas but I'm not a philosopher.  I use whatever method seems most effective to communicate what can't be said.  

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