Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zero and Ultimate Reality

Zero is a concept that exists only in our minds. We can’t measure zero, we can’t experience zero, and it doesn’t have a physical presence. Yet this concept that doesn’t ‘exist’ has been instrumental in creating the world around us and is essential in the meaning of our lives. Over the course of the next couple of posts I will explore the connection between zero and ultimate reality, first in a rational argument and then in spiritual terms.

The sun, the moon, the sun, the moon, day after day we are experience the wonder of our existence. The most meaningful symbol of our lives is the circle, a timeless myth that exists in all cultures. A universal truth. Over and over we experience circles in the shape of the sun and the full moon. The significance of the sun and the moon are more than their physical presence. They signify the passage of our lives, new beginnings, peace, and nature, the creators of life. The circle is powerful symbol filled with deep meaning. When we create a circle we are creating a symbol that represents something else, the sun, a pie, a wheel, the concept of zero. In cultures with a shared history the meaning is conveyed automatically without the need for explanation. I propose that it isn’t a coincidence that we use the circle to represent zero but a profound connection between the physical and the non physical dimension. To support my proposal rationally I will begin by defining what symbols are, look at the connection between symbols and their meaning, give some examples of how they are used, and conclude by stating how zero is really a symbol for ultimate reality.

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